Humans of QVMS: Mr. Forrest

Keira Currier & Mareena Musser, Staff Writers

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“So my favorite thing from this past weekend was the Children’s Museum had their annual father-daughter dance, and I’ve been taking my daughter, Juliet, for I think this is probably our fifth year. Two years ago, we got the idea to, y’know, dress differently than the rest of the fathers and daughters. It’s supposed to be like you wear a suit and a tie, and the little girl wears a dress and that’s good but my daughters aren’t the, ”I want to get fancy and wear a dress” type, and any day I can get away with not wearing a tie is a great day for me. So, we decided a couple years ago to dress as Darth Vader and Princess Leia. And we’ve been keeping this little theme up, like, let’s go as famous fathers and daughters. This year, we changed it up. We went as Hopper and Eleven from Stranger Things. And my daughter didn’t want to shave her head. So, she went as the gothic, punk-rock Eleven from Season 2 of Stranger Things. And, we got a lot of weird looks from other fathers and daughters, but that’s ok. A couple of the dads really appreciated it.” 

–Mr. Forrest, QVMS Librarian